We’re in the age of data, where Fast Data is the next big thing.

Time is the enemy of data. Data that has enormous value the moment it’s created can have dramatically less value — or no value — in a second’s time. Companies that can ingest the ever-increasing amounts of data coming in — whether it’s customer data, trading data, or sensor data — and act on a transaction fastest are the ones who will have the upper hand.

Today, organizations of all types strive to gain a competitive edge by devising new ways to identify and act on fast, smart data. By ingesting and analyzing large volumes of fast-moving data, organizations seek to act on each piece of data at its point of maximum value. But traditional database systems are simply too slow to ingest data, analyze it in real-time, and make decisions. They can’t meet Fast Data demands.

VoltDB is the only in-memory solution architected specifically to meet the requirements of Fast Data. Designed by Dr. Michael Stonebraker, VoltDB offers a modern NewSQL in-memory database that is scalable to easily handle fast data, powerful to make it smart, and reliable and fault tolerant in both back-room and cloud environments.

Organizations in markets ranging from financial services and media, to energy and telecommunications, use VoltDB’s operational database to narrow the “ingestion-to-decision” gap from minutes, or even hours, to milliseconds. That, in any industry, is a big deal.


Inside VoltDB

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