Peter Vescuso
Chief Marketing Officer

Peter Vescuso is a driving force in VoltDB’s charge to expand global market leadership. Peter brings more than two decades of expertise in marketing and business development and has a proven track record of positioning companies to seize and maintain dominant market share.

Prior to joining VoltDB, Peter served as executive vice president of marketing and business development at Black Duck Software, where he established the company as a globally recognized brand and thought leader at the forefront of the open source software management market. Previously, he was general manager and vice president at Cantata Technology, a provider of enabling technology for communications which was acquired by Dialogic in 2007. Earlier in his career, Peter was vice president of marketing at Brooktrout Technology and held senior management positions at both Compaq and Hewlett-Packard prior to their merger.

Peter is an avid cyclist and proud owner of a Cervelo R3 who regularly rides with the Crack O’ Dawn club in Newton, Mass.