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Stonebraker Live! – Tonight!

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Can’t make it to Santa Clara tonight? That doesn’t mean you can’t attend Stonebraker Live!

Join us via live stream at 6:30 p.m. Pacific to hear from database legend Mike Stonebraker, as well as VoltDB’s VP of Market Strategy, Mark Hydar, and Co-founder, Scott Jarr.… Read more

VoltDB’s New Command Logging Feature

We, at VoltDB, are excited to tell you about the command logging feature that we’ve been working on this summer. We’ve built this feature because our customers asked for it, and they’ve given us some great feedback on how it should work.… Read more


“You cannot manage what you cannot measure”” - Peter Drucker

Most of us have heard this quote many times, though it’s probably more relevant to software development to say:

“You cannot manage what you do not measure”.Read more

Welcome to Voltage, the blog for VoltDB enthusiasts

Welcome to the VoltDB blog, and what I hope will be a series of mostly (except this one!) technical posts about our product; what it’s for, how to use it, and how it’s built; along with news and events that will be of interest to the VoltDB community.

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