Big DataCamp LA 2014 Wrap-Up

written by Scott Jarr on June 30, 2014 with no comments

Amazing. That’s about all I could say all day the Saturday before Father’s Day. I was asked to speak at the LA Big Data Camp (#BigDataCampLA) on that day, which I had happily agreed to before I actually realized it was _that_ weekend. But I went down as I agreed, thinking there couldn’t possibly be a big audience on that Saturday morning in LA to talk about data. Amazing!

I heard from the organizers (who did a really great job) that they had over 900 registrants! As of 10 am they had already exceeded the norms for attendants vs. registrants. Needless to say turnout was amazing.

It wasn’t just numbers either. The folks there were super smart on data, engaged, and looking for ways to make data more advantageous to their businesses. The speakers were top notch too. The energy was high and people were generally excited.

I spoke about Fast Data and many of the things I’ve written in the latest blog series – and more that is coming (check out my slides here). Jonathan Hsieh talked about how big data has evolved through Google and how the major aspects of managing data are “Ingest, analyze, serve result”. There was more than a hint that real-time and operational work are becoming part of the agenda when solving data problems.

It was a really impressive event from Joe Devon, Subash D’Souza and Matti Siltanen. And thanks to Joe for the invitation.

All on the Saturday before Father’s Day!