Community Contributions – Erlang Client Library

written by VoltDB Team on October 1, 2010 with no comments

We at VoltDB are proud to announce contributions by our community members. In this post we highlight the Erlang Client Library, contributed by Henning Diedrich, of EonBlast Corporation. Eonblast will use this library and VoltDB in their upcoming game, Solar Pirates. The Erlang library is native and allows Erlang programs to talk with the VoltDB server as VoltDB clients. Server and clients communicate over TCP/IP sockets using the VoltDB binary wire protocol. The library is currently synchronous, and the async version should be online soon. The contributed library includes tests and two examples, Helloworld and Voter.

Source for the VoltDB Erland client library can be viewed at:

Source code can be checked out using git at:

Contributions are a vital part of any open source project, and we look forward to announcing many more over the next months. Thanks to Henning for our first Client Library Contribution!

Bobbi Heath
VP of Engineering