Making an Impact: VoltDB Engineering Interns

written by John Piekos on September 21, 2012 with one Comment

Making an Impact: VoltDB Engineering Interns

Summer went by too fast in New England!  We are already missing our two engineering internship students, Xin Jia from Brown University and Zheng li from University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

During their internship, Xin and Zheng worked on numerous projects, explored new ideas, and helped accelerate the launch of product features. In short, they were big contributors to VoltDB.  Some of their projects have already released in VoltDB 2.8.1. Xin worked on implementing several SQL functions as well as implementing counting index functionality to support efficient and fast rank related queries (look for his blog post soon!). Zheng worked on the planner test tool and the Explain command (described in his blog post). He also added support for partitioning on a VARBINARY table column, a frequent customer request.

In addition to the VoltDB community gaining some solid new features in the product, the internship students themselves also learned a lot and enjoyed their summer at VoltDB. Here are some excerpts from their final reports.

As a software developer, learning by doing is what I try to persist on. The talented engineers at VoltDB offered me a lot of help. They are very patient, expressive and easy-going.”

The projects I have done were really beyond what I expected I could do before coming to VoltDB.”

The CEO invited us to his place to enjoy a fantastic weekend and do all kinds of water sports. We were also very lucky to be on board a sailing boat and had an excellent trip out at sea with the rest of the company.”

– Xin Jia

“Not only have I learned a lot about architecture details of VoltDB, but it’s also exciting to see my own code being integrated to VoltDB.”

“I think the atmosphere here at VoltDB is super nice. The engineers are witty, diligent yet very easy going… And I really like the way work gets done here (scrum), it really puts the engineers in a focused and efficient mode.”

– Zheng Li

We hope Xin and Zheng can bring what they have learned at VoltDB back to school with them and have a successful year of academics. Hopefully we’ll see them back again next summer!