Is VOLTDB Really as Scalable as they Claim?

written by John Hugg on March 1, 2011 with no comments

Baron Schwartz from Percona has published an analysis of VoltDB’s scaling performance on the MySQL Performance Blog. He has worked with our own Tim Callaghan to apply a mathematical model to the Scalability of VoltDB. The conclusion:

VoltDB is very scalable; it should scale to 120 partitions, 39 servers, and 1.6 million complex transactions per second at over 300 CPU cores…


…scaling a synchronously replicated, active-active master, fully ACID, always-consistent database to a 40-server cluster is impressive.

A few notes:

As Baron says, these benchmarks were based on our “Voter” example. We ship this example with our distribution kits in the “examples” folder including the full source code for the benchmark. You are welcome to try to replicate these results. For reference, we ran these tests on 12 Dell R610 servers, each with two 4-core Xeon 5550 processors and 48gb of RAM. We expect the results to be similar for this benchmark with less ram, as the benchmark doesn’t use much of it.

We ran this same benchmark last year on a 30 node cluster lent to us by SGI Rackable and achieved 3.4 million transactions per second. You can read more about it in this blog post. This validates Baron’s model and shows VoltDB scaling to 30 nodes with aplomb.

John Hugg
Software Engineer