Transactions on a Budget

written by Tim Callaghan on September 24, 2010 with 5 comments

We hand-built a “cluster” at VoltDB to perform a variety of long running tests. In this test cluster, one of the nodes performs all client application activity while the other 5 serve as VoltDB servers. The cost of the entire setup was under $3500 (six machines with 8GB RAM, 2 UPSs, and an 8-port switch). I’ll provide more technical details of the cluster hardware in a future blog entry.

After moving into our new office I kicked off my favorite test suite that includes a data generator, an export client (writing data to the file system), and a client that runs from a cron job every day at 1am to delete old data.

Today I needed the cluster to test our upcoming Management/Monitoring tool so I logged into the cluster. The current suite had been running since August 27 and completed 414 billion transactions, which comes out to $0.000008454 dptpm (dollars per transaction per month).

Also worth noting, in that 1 month stretch we lost power twice (once for 10 minutes) and went an entire weekend without air conditioning in our server room (95 degrees), the budget cluster just kept on rolling.

Tim Callaghan
Sr. Technical Consultant