Five Things You Didn’t Know About VoltDB V4.0

#1) Fast Data Integrations

As we like to say at VoltDB, Big Data is created by Fast Data. Because VoltDB is able to ingest and transact on data at phenomenal rates, VoltDB often finds itself at the front end of Fast Data applications.… Read more


Part Four: You’d Better Do Fast Data Right – A Five Step approach

The last post defined what the Corporate Data Architecture of the future will look like and how “Fast” and “Big” will work together.Read more


The rise of NoSQL is an opportunity for new RDBMS solutions

It should come as no surprise that NoSQL has become popular over the past few years. This popularity has been driven in large part by the app revolution. Many new apps are hitting millions of users in less than a week, some in a day. … Read more


Part Three: Designing a Data Architecture to Support Both Fast and Big Data

In post one of this series, we introduced the ideas that a Corporate Data Architecture was taking shape and that working with Fast Data is different from working with Big Data.… Read more


The benefits of real-time data via in-memory database technology

Having a lot of data pouring into your organization is one thing. Being able to store it, analyze it and visualize it in real-time is a whole different ball game. More and more organizations need to have real-time insights in order to fully understand what is going on within their enterprises – and with their customers.Read more


Part Two: The Alchemy of Fast Data

Welcome to part two of our series on the transforming Corporate Data Architecture.… Read more


Part One: The Imminent Fracture in Corporate Data Architecture: Fast + Big

I am kicking off a blog series on the structural transformation of the Corporate Data Architecture.… Read more


Narrowing the data-to-decision gap with in-memory operational databases

We can all agree that data is an organization’s greatest asset, yet in many industries data is treated as a ‘fixed’ asset, collected and stored in data warehouses for later analysis.… Read more


M2M World Congress Wrap-Up

I attended M2M World Congress in London two weeks ago and have been pondering my “take-aways” since. While many VoltDB customers use our NewSQL, in-memory database to provide scalable transactions, decisions and analytics in M2M deployments (smart grids, mobile telco platforms, cloud PaaS products), putting the M2M/IoT space into a broader context is hard.… Read more


Festschrift: A Celebration (and Roast) of Mike Stonebraker at MIT

If I’d known that academia had parties as interesting, entertaining and fun as Mike Stonebraker’s “festschrift” (the German word for a celebration honoring one’s accomplishments), I might have considered it as a career.… Read more


The Smart Revolution – People, Devices, and Actionable Intelligence

The first Internet revolution connected content and people; the second is also connecting “things.” Projections for the Internet of Things (IoT) suggest that 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, a market opportunity that Gartner estimates at $300 billion.… Read more


Presto! Facebook Embraces SQL, Everyone at VoltDB Nods Their Head.

Yesterday, Facebook announced open-source access to Presto, “a distributed SQL query engine optimized for ad-hoc analysis at interactive speed.” You can read more in this blog post by Martin Traverso, a member of Facebook’s Presto team.… Read more


The Big Data Value Continuum – Part 2

This is the second post in a two-part series entitled The Big Data Value ContinuumYou can find Part 1 here.

Recall that in the world of Big Data, our fundamental assumption is that data no longer resides in a static database for its entire life.  … Read more


VoltDB Community Users Share Knowledge

VoltDB adoption and deployments are accelerating.  We’re working hard make our products easy to use in both cloud and privately-racked infrastructures.  We see strong adoption in five application categories – capital markets (mostly around trading systems), digital advertising, online games, network monitoring, and intelligence/surveillance (national security, fraud mitigation, etc.).… Read more


The Big Data Value Continuum – Part 1

This is the first post in a two-part series entitled The Big Data Value Continuum.  You can find Part 2 here.

Technology markets are challenging enough to understand but, when you throw in the added noise that typically accompanies early markets, gaining real insights can be next to impossible.  … Read more