Welcome to Voltage, the blog for VoltDB enthusiasts

written by VoltDB Team on April 16, 2010 with no comments

Welcome to the VoltDB blog, and what I hope will be a series of mostly (except this one!) technical posts about our product; what it’s for, how to use it, and how it’s built; along with news and events that will be of interest to the VoltDB community. We’ve come a long way in the last two years; from our roots in the h-store project at MIT, Brown, and Yale; to our paper at VLDB 08; to our initial beta in December of 09.  It’s been great to see the team grow to about a dozen, almost all in development, and to share their excitement as the product becomes real. They and our field people will be posting the articles I hope you will come back to read.

As we have moved through beta, we have invited more and more of you to join in, and are very pleased with the response. Our community site reached 100 members today, who are learning about VoltDB from FAQs and documentation, downloading the software and giving it a try, and posting their questions to the forums, where we do our best to respond quickly. The VoltDB roadmap is included there, and we would love to have your feedback on our plans.

We’ve talked with many people who are struggling with the options available when they need more resources than even one large and expensive database server can provide, those who have tried sharding traditional RDBMS systems, and those who have looked at NoSQL key value stores.  We are thrilled with the interest in a database built specifically for high volume OLTP. Mike Stonebraker, myself and all of us at VoltDB hope you enjoy the new blog, and invite you to register for our beta/early release program, where you can try VoltDB for yourself.

Bobbi Heath
VP of Engineering