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Product Overview

VoltDB is built to power the next generation of data-intensive applications that rely on fast, smart data.

  • Ideal for fast data pipelines that ingest, enrich and export streaming data
  • Real-time analytics
  • Real-time decisions
  • Modern architecture, familiar tools - SQL and JSON support for fast, reliable programming and easy data interaction
  • Build fast data applications and deploy them on premises or in the cloud
  • VoltDB is the only open source in-memory NewSQL database


Streaming Data Pipeline

Build streaming data applications that process event feeds and use Big Data analytics in real time. Make data-driven decisions on a per-person or per event basis, as fast as data arrives.

Real-Time Analytics

Build applications with real time, up-to-date visibility into fast data streams. Use SQL analytics to build operational applications quickly and reliably, and create human-readable dashboards.

Real-Time Decisions

Build applications that require high-throughput, low latency database responses. Make automated decisions on each event, with the added context of data within the system – the current ‘state’.

Building Apps

Build fast data applications using familiar programming paradigms and tools: SQL, ACID, Java. Available as open source, or choose an enterprise platform.


Build and deploy fast data applications on premises or in the cloud. VoltDB’s modern in-memory NewSQL architecture was designed from the ground up for today’s cloud-scale environments.

Open Source

VoltDB is the only open source in-memory NewSQL database. VoltDB was created as an open source project by co-founder Dr. Michael Stonebraker.