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Case Studies

VoltDB Enables Flytxt to Improve Agility, Generate Revenue, Increase Conversions, Grow Customer Base

Today's telecommunications data center environments must cater to billions of high frequency events daily. Technology and Business teams are faced with a challenge to architect and manage analytics platforms that extract optimum value from these event streams. This case study describes how Flytxt, a Netherlands-based Big Data Analytics solution provider for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), uses VoltDB to combine fast data with big data to create competitive differentiation and sustained economic value generation. Tapping into the value of data in real-time – the moment it arrives – is a significant opportunity for Flytxt, which serves more than 60 customers and over half a billion subscribers in 32 countries. With VoltDB, Flytxt has the ability to track billions of events to generate real-time triggers reflecting contextual usage and changes in defined behavior to help CSPs increase revenues and ARPU. 

Fast Data Goes Mobile with AsiaInfo

Fast data applications use streaming data with real-time analysis and decision-making to make applications more personal, interactive and engaging. This is especially important for the fast-paced, extremely competitive mobile sector, where consumers and customers expect rapid results. Read this case study with Asiainfo to learn more.

Shopzilla Case Study

Dive deep into Shopzilla’s VoltDB deployment – and how the e-commerce leader is maximizing velocity to unlock the potential of big data’s other two “big Vs,” volume and variety.

Sakura Case Study

The VoltDB Vanguards at Sakura Internet — one of Japan’s largest enterprise-class ISPs — are using VoltDB as part of their strategy for keeping their enterprise customers online in the face of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Learn more in this case study.