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Case Studies

Fast Data Goes Mobile: VoltDB Enables AsiaInfo to Increase Revenue, Improve Customer Communication

Fast data applications use streaming data with real-time analysis and decision-making to make applications more personal, interactive and engaging. This is especially important for the fast-paced, extremely competitive mobile sector, where consumers and customers expect rapid results. Read this case study with Asiainfo to learn more.

Shopzilla Case Study

Dive deep into Shopzilla’s VoltDB deployment – and how the e-commerce leader is maximizing velocity to unlock the potential of big data’s other two “big Vs,” volume and variety.

Sakura Case Study

The VoltDB Vanguards at Sakura Internet — one of Japan’s largest enterprise-class ISPs — are using VoltDB as part of their strategy for keeping their enterprise customers online in the face of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Learn more in this case study.