Applications that make things smart need smart data, and they need it fast. Unlike CEP systems, streaming engines and data collectors, VoltDB is the only solution architected specifically to meet the requirements of Fast Data. Here’s how VoltDB adds value and makes smart data fast:

  • Empowering and enriching applications by providing real-time insight with analytics to deliver better outcomes
  • Transforming raw information from social, mobile, cloud, devices and M2M into actionable, intelligent data instantly
  • Simplifying and performing intelligence-backed complex decisions and transactions – in real time – that were not possible before
  • Extracting intelligence on a per-person, per event basis, as fast as data arrives – allowing businesses to personalize user experiences and respond to individual preferences

From applications developed to save human lives to solutions that allow mobile game developers to build blockbusters, the VoltDB in-memory database is a developer’s dream when building applications that scale. Below are some of the many uses to which VoltDB is being put to work: