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Organizations often resort to restricting features on PBX equipment or artificially limiting legitimate users – half-measures that fail to stop spam and prevent fraud, and ultimately diminish the customer experience.

Real-time network monitoring through VoltDB provides the necessary visibility that will stop the myriad of threats that disrupt business. Organizations can see, in real time, Denial of Service (DoS) and fraud indicators and also measure Quality of Service (QoS). They can react with intelligent per-event decisions to protect resources, enforce policies and better serve customers.

VoltDB excels because…

  • It helps monitor and react to distributed DoS attacks, monitor and filter mobile messaging spam, manage real QoS-based SIP routing, and perform real-time monitoring of people and resources in some of the world’s largest data mines
  • Rich per-event transactional capability will make per-event decisions and conduct alarm detection
  • Its ability to reach industrial and network scale will solve problems that were previously beyond reach