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To remain competitive in the face of faster networks, more customers and increasingly stringent regulations, telecom application providers need to take a hard look at legacy systems and consider making the leap to newer, faster, more flexible database solutions. And indecision isn’t an option – stand still and you’ll be limited by performance bottlenecks and won’t be able to deliver in markets that require virtualization and cost control.

With VoltDB, telco application providers can build new data platforms to ingest hundreds of thousands of events per second for mobile devices and make billing and authorization decisions on every single one of those events. In addition, VoltDB’s materialized views provide real-time analytical dashboards that telco operations teams need to effectively manage and balance network resources.

VoltDB excels because…

  • High-performance data management occurs in an elastically-scalable virtualized infrastructure
  • New product capabilities will leverage speed
  • Telco businesses can expand to new markets