VoltDB for Digital Advertising

written by Michael Neaton on July 29, 2014 with no comments

VoltDB in Digital Advertising voltcast-icon-miniVanguard Voltcast: YellowHammer YellowHammer CTO Ryan Hubbard discusses the power behind his company’s Performance Trading Platform: VoltDB’s real-time decisioning capabilities. Listen videos-icon-miniWebcast: Ultra Fast Data Management for Digital Advertising Ad networks, media buying, demand-side platforms and attribution models can all benefit from the speed and analytic powers of VoltDB. Watch

Gone are the days of expensive, uninformed advertising campaigns that were as ineffective as playing darts in the dark. With real-time analytics and decisioning, ad agencies and companies can now target individual consumers and gauge the effectiveness of an advertisement in the moment. Using the VoltDB in-memory database, companies can leverage active and historical information to make the best decisions as users interact with ads – all in real time.

Segmentation Also known as micro-personalization, segmentation nowadays moves beyond targeting consumers based on in-house information and instead uses third-party data for more precise targeting. Using social media, for instance, a company can target consumers by gender, geography, age and income. Knowing who clicked on an ad, real-time personalized data measures a campaign’s true reach.

Ad campaign monitoring Real-time decisioning produces the sort of personalized data that advertisers have long sought while spending money on ad campaigns. These true results on individual consumers allow advertisers to create more refined, more tightly focused ads in real time and realize higher click-thru rates.

Ad campaign balance Real-time data in advertising enables companies to spend right down to the penny. Ad spends based on clicks permit companies to control costs rather than spending lots of money on indiscriminate campaigns.