VoltDB in Telecom

paper-icon-miniNews: VoltDB’s High-Speed Operational Database Powering HP Telco Mediation, Policy and Charging Solution
VoltDB has been integrated into HP Subscriber, Network and Application Policy (HP SNAP) and HP enhanced Internet Usage Manager (eIUM), next-generation Telco Mediation, Policy and Charging solutions now available from HP.

paper-icon-miniSakura Case Study
Sakura Internet — one of Japan’s largest enterprise-class ISPs — is using VoltDB to keep its enterprise customers online in the face of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

videos-icon-miniMichael Giagnocavo at
ClueCon 2013

Conexient SDE Michael Giagnocavo updates a ClueCon 2013 audience on how VoltDB manages high-volume CDRs for his company to detect poor QOS and fraudulent activity.

“That’s the real benefit of Volt. We don’t have to maintain any complicated code. We don’t have to think about how we’re going to handle performance. Volt becomes an extension of us. I’ll fire off SQL queries left and right and that becomes much easier. People don’t go that path because they can’t. But with Volt, they can.”
Michael Giagnocavo, SDE at Conexiant

To provide the best possible customer service, telecommunications companies need to leverage customer information in real time. VoltDB’s relational database processes in-the-moment insight on customers’ mobile device usage so that telecom companies can accurately assess individual accounts and respond to customers, delivering the personalized service that consumers crave.

Quality of Service

Real-time data on customers’ call detail records enables communications service providers to immediately see if calls are being consistently dropped. With actionable insight on possible quality-of-service issues, providers can work fast to address problems before customer frustration builds.

VoIP fraud

With people increasingly using Voice over Internet Protocol to make calls, fraud has increased as well. But with in-the-moment data, providers can spot if a customer’s account has been compromised, and intervene before a hacker runs up a huge phone bill.

Bill shock

You’ve seen it in the news: a teenager sends 40,000 texts in a month, surpassing the limits of a family plan and sticking parents with an exorbitant bill. Instead of waiting until the end of the month and reluctantly passing on a big bill, providers can act on data and send an alert just as the texts are multiplying so that parents can slow their children’s quick fingers.

Real-time billing and policy management

It’s a balancing act for people who want to download a video on a mobile device but hesitate because they’re unsure if they’re about to exceed their plan’s data cap. Mobile phone bills, however, are now superfluous: With real-time analytics, customers can receive a text warning about exceeding data limits or see their statements on demand, enabling them to augment a plan on the spot.