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Introduction to 4.0

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We are thrilled to announce the latest evolution of VoltDB. We focused version 4 around a number of core attributes that make VoltDB an even more ideal database for today’s high performance operational workloads.

  • Enhanced In-Memory Analytics:
    Many of our customers are getting significant value from VoltDB’s unique ability to process transactions AND provide in-memory, real-time analytics. In 4.0 we enhanced VoltDB’s performance (up to 10x) and the capabilities (more analytic SQL) to more efficiently process these real-time analytic queries. VoltDB 4.0 enables:

    • Large numbers of concurrent users access to analytic data
    • Current data to be factored into analytics in real-time
    • Query speed needed for interactive dashboards
    • Ability to make automated, per-event decisions based on historical data
  • Online Operations:
    Online cluster expansion for increasing both data size and throughput with our new “elastic cluster” capability.
  • Integrations:
    Integration with existing data infrastructure such as message queue systems, improved JDBC driver, monitoring utilities such as New Relic, etc.
  • Migration:
    MySQL Migration Tool simplifies the process of moving your MySQL application to VoltDB
  • Training:
    Online training with VoltDB Vanguard certification and new Dev Center

For a detailed list of the technical enhancements see the blog post Introducing VoltDB 4.0.