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Your business is only as fast as your database.

In today’s data-intensive world your business is only as fast as your database. Transform your business with the only operational database purpose-built for fast data. VoltDB makes your business applications smarter and faster while simplifying your system architecture. With our deep knowledge and experience, VoltDB helps you convert fast data into insight and business value.

Explore VoltDB’s operational database

VoltDB is database innovation

Massively parallel database architecture that scales transactions and analytics linearly across nodes while maintaining data consistency and high availability.



Unlimited Performance and Scale without Sacrificing Consistency

VoltDB For Developers

VoltDB is the ultimate tool to enable fast data applications. Leave the distributed data infrastructure to us, you build the business and application logic.

Learn more about VoltDB’s in-memory database

In-memory SQL and JSON with ACID guarantees, and Hadoop ecosystem integration

The Bottom Line VoltDB Customers realize superior business results

1/10 the resources
100%correct alternatives

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253%increase in offer purchases
3 msresponse latency

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100%billing accuracy
93%fewer servers

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VoltDB’s customers are innovators in their respective fields. They are the disrupters, the dreamers, the ones that set the direction for others to follow. And they rely on VoltDB’s in-memory, fast database for the power and performance that helps fuel this disruption. Below is just a sampling:


100 XFaster

  • In-memory scale-out architecture
  • 100X faster than traditional databases
  • World record performance in the cloud
  • High-speed data ingestion


10Trillion Device World

  • Convert live data into business value
  • Analyze and act on streaming data
  • Use real-time intelligence, context


100%Consistent, Correct

  • Data is always consistent, correct, never lost
  • Simpler apps, easier to test and maintain
  • Easier to program with SQL + Java
  • Seamless ecosystem integration