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Develop Fast Data apps

In-memory performance, never lose data

Streaming analytics with millisecond latency

OLTP in a scale-out architecture

SQL and JSON with ACID guarantees

Hadoop ecosystem integration

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Make real-time business decisions

Get instant insight, take instant action

Know what customers want now

Personalize with real-time and historical data

Real-time analytics, real-time decisions

Faster, smarter interactions for competitive advantage

Why VoltDB

Streaming Data Pipeline

Enable applications to use real-time streaming data to enrich user experience, optimize interactions, and create value.

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Real-time analytics

High speed transactional ACID performance and the ability to process thousands to millions of incoming events per second.

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Real-time Decision Engine

Fast in-memory database that supports SQL and ACID compliance to provide high-throughput and low-latency response.

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Smart meters allow utilities to capture energy consumption in real-time, but traditional database systems are too slow to ingest metering data, analyze it rapidly, and enable real-time decisions. We selected VoltDB because we needed a transactional database architected to handle fast data speeds and volume while delivering real-time analytics.

Hiroyuki Okamura, Manager, New Solution Systems, Information Sys & Network
Mitsubishi Electric

Flipkart’s business is growing rapidly and requires a highly scalable, real-time data infrastructure. VoltDB has the scale, low latency and ACID transactionality we needed to meet our requirements.

Saurabh Tandon, Director of Engineering

I would recommend VoltDB to anyone looking to build high scaling database applications.


We are utilizing VoltDB to obtain up-to-the-second operational visibility into the performance of the systems across our customers’ carrier grade TV networks as well as enable real-time user targeting. The database gives our platform competitive advantage by letting us analyze device and user data as it comes in from Tier One providers.

Mark Hydar, Head of Engineering
Ericsson MediaFirst

Most NoSQL solutions do not fit our real-time streaming aggregation design….We chose to go with VoltDB over other streaming aggregate solutions (like Trident) for its SQL interface, real-time Ad-Hoc queries over our raw data, and simpler overall design.

Behzad Pirvali, Performance Architect

Myfox chose VoltDB because it is a scalable, high-performance tool for real-time decision making in a sensitive market. VoltDB’s ability to analyze data streaming in from the system’s sensors in real time ensures accuracy and puts security back into the user’s hands.

Jean-Marc Prunet, CEO

We selected VoltDB because it is unmatched in its ability to handle the peaks of the network data flowing into our platform empowering our CSP clients to meet the real-time demands of today's mobile user

David Peters, CEO

VoltDB is the logical choice for a cloud-deployable, transactional database that can flexibly handle high-volume data streams for service providers to monitor and leverage in real time.

Joe Hogan, CTO and founder

VoltDB is enabling us to solve a needle-in-the-haystack problem for our customers. In a quarter of a millisecond, we’re able to turn data into actionable intelligence that fosters player loyalty, extends a game’s value and increases overall game revenues.

Chris Wright, CTO

By integrating VoltDB’s real-time analytics and decision-making capability into our product, we have been able to help our operator customers increase revenues, improve consumer engagement and personalize services

Andy Tiller, VP Global Product Marketing

The faster and more intelligently we can deliver the right consumers to the right retailers, the better our value-add. VoltDB’s high-velocity database significantly bolsters our ability to do that as part of our multi-phase program aimed at providing up-to-the-second information.

Jayesh Bhayani, EVP and CTO
Shopzilla, Inc.

Our two-step process brings situational awareness to a whole new level; we’ve gained full visibility into torrents of network traffic data, and can now detect and address anomalous behavior with precision. We couldn’t do this without VoltDB.

Tamihiro Yuzawa, Network Engineer
SAKURA Internet

We deliver the best in class technology to our clients, and when we evaluated VoltDB, we discovered that it suited our requirements. With its in-memory, high-velocity database, VoltDB provides us a great foundation to enhance our current and future offerings.” 

Marc Firenze, CTO
Eagle Investment Systems LLC, Subsidiary of BNY Mellon

We found VoltDB was the only database that could meet our performance, concurrency, and other requirements.

Anto Chittilappilly, co-founder and CTO
Visual IQ