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About VoltDB & Database Management

Seamlessly managing Fast Data generated from the Internet, mobile, and social applications is the next big challenge.


VoltDB is the in-memory NewSQL database built to solve this challenge and power the next generation of data-intensive applications that rely on fast, smart data. We provide fast data ingestion and export with massive scalability, real-time analytics, and data enrichment ‒ enabling businesses to gain that significant, competitive advantage in both on premises and cloud environments.


Architected by Dr. Mike Stonebraker, VoltDB is a ground-up redesign of the relational database for today’s growing real-time analytics and data challenges, and is one of the few companies selected for the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. VoltDB meets the requirements of Big Data applications that rely on Fast Data to:

  • Ingest & interact on unlimited streams of inbound data;
  • Make per-event, data-driven decisions on inbound data;
  • Real-time analytics on fast-moving data;
  • Integrated export to data warehouse, and
  • High speed serving of warehouse-derived analytics.

We power applications that thrive on fast, smart data, such as telecom policy and billing applications, sensor applications like smart grid power systems, real-time digital advertising platforms, analytics for online gaming, and applications for risk/fraud/security detection. Unlike simple streaming solutions and data collectors, VoltDB is architected specifically to meet the requirements of Fast Data with unlimited scalability, the ability to perform real-time data collection, exploration, analysis and taking action all with the transactional consistency (ACID) of traditional relational databases.