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Announcing VoltDB Version 2.5

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I’m very happy to announce the release of VoltDB 2.5. Consistent with prior releases, 2.5 includes one major new feature, Database Replication, combined with other significant work in and around the VoltDB core engine. I’d summarize our 2.5 engineering investments as follows:

  • Database Replication. As I’d previously described here, Database Replication is the headline feature of 2.5 (until recently, we referred to the feature as WAN replication). It allows VoltDB databases to be automatically replicated within and across data centers. Available in the VoltDB Enterprise Edition, Database Replication ensures that every database transaction applied to a VoltDB database is asynchronously applied to a defined replica database.  Following a catastrophic crash, you can immediately promote the database replica to be the master and redirect all traffic to that cluster. Once the original master has been recovered, you can quickly and easily reverse the process.In addition to serving disaster recovery needs, you can also use Database Replication to maintain a hot standby database (i.e., to eliminate service windows when you’re doing systems maintenance) and for workload optimization where, for example, write traffic is directed to the master VoltDB database, and read traffic is directed to the replica.
  • Performance improvements. Version 2.5 includes performance improvements to the VoltDB SQL planner, which benefit all VoltDB products.  In addition, we eliminated some unnecessary cluster messaging for single-node deployments, which reduce average transaction latencies to around 1ms for our VoltOne product.
  • Functional enhancements. In 2.5 we expanded VoltDB’s SQL support and extended support for distributed joins. We also added new administrative options for managing database snapshots and controlling the behavior of command logging activities.
  • Updated Node.js support. As Andy Wilson describes here, VoltDB 2.5 includes an updated client library for the Node.js programming framework. This driver, which was originally created by community member Jacob Wright, includes performance optimizations, bug fixes and modifications that align the driver with Node.js coding standards.

We’re pretty excited about the 2.5 release. It packs a lot of punch into about six months of engineering effort, and much of what we produced came directly from user requests. Look for another significant product release late in 2012; we’ve got big plans for VoltDB. So grab a copy of the latest VoltDB softwareand get busy!