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Great Evening with the TriangleJS Meet-up Group

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Written by Andrew Wilson.


Last night I gave a talk and had an engaging conversation with the TriangleJS meet-up group in Raleigh, NC. I’d like to thank my hosts at WebAssign for providing such a nice facility, Lucas Myers for managing the logistics of the meet-up and, most of all, the group members who invested an evening to learn more about VoltDB.


Although my talk was somewhat geared toward recent work we’ve done with Node.js, the follow-on discussion covered a wide range of technical topics ranging from database partitioning, single- and multi-part queries, query routing, site execution and database high availability. It was interesting to hear some of the operational and HA challenges that had been experienced by early adopters of distributed, in-memory datastores. I also enjoyed hearing about a few new (to me!) use cases where ingesting data at high rates is becoming the critical issue.


I hope the group found the evening informative, and invite all who attended to read the VoltDB Tech Overview white paper, download one of our doc books, and take our software for a test drive (both commercial and open source versions are available here).