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VoltDB University

VoltDB University provides instructional content, classes, tools, and other resources.


VoltDB University is designed to inspire and enable the art of disruption. It gives enterprise and independent developers worldwide the insight, tools, and best practices they need to build applications never before imagined, applications that ingest, analyze, and act on incredibly large volumes of data with real-time speed. This is the power of VoltDB – the fully durable in-memory database that combines high-velocity data ingestion with real-time data analytics and decisioning to turn imagination into reality.


Led by VoltDB’s own engineering organization, VoltDB University provides customers, partners, and members of the entire VoltDB Community with a vast portfolio of instructional content, classes, tools, and other resources. The curriculum and supporting material ranges from beginner to advanced, giving developers at all levels the practical knowledge and support they need to build whatever application they can envision.


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