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Press Release

deltaDNA Uses VoltDB to Help Game Developers Drive Real-Time Player Engagement

In-Memory Analytics on High-Velocity Data Enable deltaDNA Customers to Track, Anticipate and Respond to Individual Player Behavior within a Fraction of a Millisecond

BEDFORD, Mass., April 22, 2014 – VoltDB today announced that deltaDNA is utilizing the high-performance in-memory NewSQL database to power its real-time Player Relationship Management platform for F2P games, social casino and real-money gambling. Leveraging VoltDB, the deltaDNA platform empowers game developers and publishers to perform in-depth player analysis on the colossal amounts of data streaming in from each game and take immediate action – within a quarter of a millisecond – to enhance the in-game player experience, driving both retention and monetization.

deltaDNA’s Player Relationship Management (PRM) platform analyzes the immense volumes of fast moving data generated by each game (e.g., each player’s data footprint) in real time for behavioral information such as a player’s status and their playing motivations within the game. With that insight, deltaDNA’s customers are able to make decisions to personalize the gaming experience through in-game changes or targeted offers and incentives that can increase a player’s engagement by as much as 50 percent and boost in-game purchases by as much as 30 percent.

“VoltDB is enabling us to solve a needle-in-the-haystack problem for our customers,” said Chris Wright, co-founder and CTO, deltaDNA. “The high-performance database gives our PRM platform the ability to ingest and perform real-time analysis on hundreds of millions of ‘events’ as they come in. In a quarter of a millisecond, we’re able to turn data into actionable data intelligence that fosters player loyalty, extends a game’s value and increases overall game revenues.”

deltaDNA selected VoltDB after performing an extensive market evaluation of Big Data and in-memory databases. VoltDB supports deltaDNA’s high throughput and scalability requirements while also enabling complex decision making on real-time data streams. Wright added, “It was very important to us when architecting the PRM platform that the front end be vastly scalable, able to handle the metrics associated with our business and a best-of-breed technology.

“deltaDNA’s use of VoltDB is a prime example of the kind of transformative impact that micro-personalization can have on an industry,” said Bruce Reading, CEO of VoltDB. “By gaining immediate insight into each individual player’s status, deltaDNA can make real-time decisions that create a highly personalized and interactive experience for each individual player. This translates into unique competitive advantage for game developers and publishers.”


deltaDNA puts the power of data in your hands providing flexible Player Relationship Management (PRM) technology to maximize player engagement for Free-2-Play Games, Social Casino and Real Money Gambling.

Launched in 2010, the co-founders of deltaDNA combine games industry heritage and marketing analytics expertise to create the games industry’s first dedicated real-time personalization and player insight platform.

With cross-platform and rich data capability, the end-to-end solution enables publishers and developers to better understand different player behaviors and create personalized experiences by targeting individual players in real time.  Being responsive to players significantly increases engagement to unlock retention & monetization.