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In-Memory Database Product Overview

Learn more about this history of the VoltDB architecture and why it looks the way it does.
Fastest per-node performance among in-memory databases. Linear scalability in a cluster is icing on the cake.
Distributed systems and data processing are challenging to get right. Make those problems VoltDB's job, not yours.
What is Kafka, and What Does it Bring to In-memory Databases like VoltDB?
Making real-time analytics simpler, more-powerful and more accurate through powerful features.
VoltDB values your data as much as you do. Put it on disk. Put it on multiple servers. Do it synchronously and with verification.
Web, CLI or API, what's your preference? And how does VoltDB connect to your existing systems?
Run anywhere, from the server closet to the datacenter to the cloud.
Code is smaller than data. Move the code to the data.

VoltDB offers the speed and scale of NoSQL databases but with the ACID guarantees, relational data models, and transactional capability of traditional RDBMSs - all without the hefty price tag. You'll never lose data or get the wrong answer. Contact us for pricing today.


Use Cases


Streaming Data Pipeline

Use VoltDB to build data pipelines that support data enrichment, transformation, sessionization and analytics and that connect to down-stream systems like Hadoop and Kafka.

Real-Time Analytics

Use VoltDB for real time analytics on streams of incoming requests and events. Use streaming aggregations, per-event testing for alerting and alarming and VoltDB's SQL support for serving data to high speed applications.

Real-Time Decisions

VoltDB is a fast in-memory database that supports SQL and ACID compliance to provide the high-throughput and low-latency response your applications need to make decisions in real time.


Does your database support complex serving of analytic results or real-time decision making? Learn how VoltDB is different from other popular architectures like Storm, Spark or Lambda.


VoltDB serves as a real-time application database used in conjunction with Hadoop and analytical results derived from Hadoop in applications including real-time scoring, policy enforcement, and customer interaction.


Whether you’re looking for Enterprise or Community edition, there is a version of VoltDB to fit your fast data needs.

Take a look at What's New!

What's New

Check out the latest version of VoltDB to see what’s new and improved. Then be sure to download the free trial and let us know what you think.