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Our Roots

VoltDB is the commercial implementation of H-store, a fast, natively scalable, fault-tolerant, transactional database designed by Dr. Michael Stonebraker and a team of senior computer scientists from MIT, Yale University, and Brown University. 


VoltDB is an in-memory NewSQL database designed to handle the most challenging workloads and operations at tremendous speeds with limitless scalability and zero data loss. Designed as an alternative to legacy one-size-fits-all relational databases, VoltDB delivers the speed, scale and flexibility required by modern data-intensive applications, while providing the data durability, ACID guarantees, and familiar programming models developers have come to expect.


VoltDB’s architecture leverages shared-nothing clusters of commodity hardware, where each node has many cores, embracing parallelism natively. Where traditional systems use shared locks and latches to take advantage of multi-core systems, VoltDB achieves concurrency through scheduling. It treats each core in a multi-node cluster as a pipeline to fill with work. In this way, linear scalability is achieved as machines are added.


VoltDB’s revolutionary, scale-out architecture allows developers to build applications for Fast and Big Data using inexpensive, virtualized computing infrastructures, implemented on-premises or on popular cloud service platforms.