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Applications of VoltDB

Businesses rely on real-time data to make the right decisions on customer service, spending, and resource allocation. See how VoltDB provides solutions for telecommunications, digital advertising, financial services, smart grids, game developers and other verticals.


To provide the best customer service telecommunications providers need to leverage real-time customer information. VoltDB’s in-memory NewSQL database delivers insight on customer mobile device usage so providers can deliver personalized customer service.

Digital Advertising

VoltDB’s real-time analytics and decisioning enable ad agencies and advertisers to target consumers and gauge the effectiveness of ads in real-time, leveraging incoming data and historical information to make the best decisions as users interact with ads.

Smart Grids

Utilities use VoltDB to improve the efficiency and reliability of electrical grids by analyzing and acting on data streaming in from smart meters, customers and suppliers.


From assessing which customers are shopping with mobile devices to letting people pay for items with those devices through loyalty programs, retail businesses use VoltDB to provide real-time analytics and decisioning to provide a fully integrated shopping experience.

Financial Services

Keeping track of banking and trading transactions requires in-the-moment insight on fast-moving data. VoltDB gives financial institutions and businesses the insight they need to understand and react to unlimited volumes of transactions in real time.

Online Gaming

Online gaming requires hyper-fast processing of real-time data to track scoring leaders, present awards and personalize in-game actions. VoltDB enables online gaming companies to leverage real-time information to give gamers the most exciting, personalized experience.