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877,000 TPS with Erlang and VoltDB

Friday, April 5, 2013

Written by Henning Diedrich

-Edited 5/2/13 by Henning Diedrich to correct configuration typos.

Running on a suitable EC2 configuration (see details below), with our new VoltDB Erlang driver we achieved 877,519 transactions per second.

I am Henning Diedrich[1], CEO of Eonblast Corporation[2] a games company. I would like to introduce the new Erlang VoltDB driver we created, a piece of software that allows two genre-defining technologies to work together: VoltDB[3] and Erlang[4].

The Driver

I first came to VoltDB on the hunt for a better database for heavy duty online-game servers.

Community Contributions – Erlang Client Library

Friday, October 1, 2010

We at VoltDB are proud to announce contributions by our community members. In this post we highlight the Erlang Client Library, contributed by Henning Diedrich, of EonBlast Corporation.


Contributions are a vital part of any open source project, and we look forward to announcing many more over the next months. Thanks to Henning for our first Client Library Contribution!


- Bobbi Heath, VP of Engineering