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Query Optimization

Optimizing Distributed Read Operations in VoltDB

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Many VoltDB applications, such as gaming leader boards and real-time analytics, use multi-partition procedures to compute consistent global aggregates (and other interesting statistics). It’s challenging to efficiently process distributed reads operations, especially for performance sensitive applications. Based on feedback from our users, we in VoltDB engineering have been enhancing the VoltDB SQL planner over the last few releases to improve this capability.


Executing global aggregates efficiently requires calculating sub-results at each partition replica and combining the sub-results at a

What’s the plan?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

“Why is this so slow?” Have you put your application into testing (you did this before going to production, right?) and wondered why you’re not getting VoltDB’s world-class performance? The problem might be with the SQL execution plan.


This article shows you how to look at the SQL execution plans and use the information to tune your application.


Getting the plans at compile time


In VoltDB, you can get execution plan information when you compile your stored procedures or later, when the database is up and running. When you build the application catalog using the voltdb compile command, the