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Announcing VoltDB v3.0 — BETA

Friday, November 9, 2012

The VoltDB Engineering Team is excited to announce the availability of the VoltDB v3.0 BETA. The following provides a brief overview and details on how you can download this very important release.

What is VoltDB v3.0?

VoltDB v3.0 offers a set of user-visible features, including new SQL, indexable column functions, improved ad hoc SQL execution performance, export enhancements, online schema changes, and a more streamlined application-development process.

In-memory database sizing – throw out conventional wisdom

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sizing an in-memory database does not follow conventional database sizing rules.


For traditional databases, you buy a decent server machine, likely one with many CPU cores and reasonable memory, and then focus on application IOPS (I/O Operations per Second). If you are really going to stress the database, you must choose disks that can support the I/O needs of your application, today and in the future. Because these systems often use many disks to achieve high I/O performance, capacity is usually an afterthought.


With in-memory databases, throw out everything you know about sizing databases.

VoltDB’s End of Summer Engineering Update

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It’s been a busy summer here at VoltDB! Since spring the VoltDB Engineering team has released VoltDB four times (we’re operating on 3 week sprints) and delivered numerous product and performance enhancements.


Some of the major features we’ve recently released include:

  • Pause-less rejoin of failed nodes. Failed nodes can now be rejoined to the k-safe cluster without significant impact to the operational throughput of the cluster. This feature is available in the Enterprise edition of VoltDB.
  • Significant performance improvements around ad hoc SQL, which is SQL executed outside of stored