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Spring Integration

Building A High Throughput Web App with Spring-MVC and VoltDB

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Written by Andrew Wilson


My last few posts have discussed parts of a web application that integrate VoltDB into a Spring web application. Today I will show how all the pieces are put together to build a low latency, high throughput Spring-MVC application. Much of my focus will be on the data layer where VoltDB resides, but I will go all the way up to the browser too.


The application is simple. It has two main parts. The first is a scheduled process that casts votes into VoltDB. Those votes simulate people calling in and voting for their favorite contestant in a talent show.

Integrating VoltDB with the Spring Framework

Friday, March 30, 2012

Written by Andrew Wilson.


I’ve been writing Spring applications for a few years now and I’ve always been struck by the framework’s flexibility. A developer can write a web application in several distinct ways there is no discernible difference from an end user’s perspective.

Using the Spring @Schedule Annotation

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Written by Andrew Wilson


In a previous life I had a requirement that a web application scanned the expiration date of purchased content and sent one of three emails letting the user know that the item would expire soon, was going to expire very soon and that the item has expired. It fired up at early in the morning when the server had the lowest utilization. Later, I had to write a similar feature that would run every couple of minutes.

Using the Spring Converter API with VoltDB Data Objects

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Written by Andrew Wilson


Mapping one type to another is a pretty common task. Hibernate and other ORM’s map a result from a data source’s native representation to an application specific representation. In English, I want to convert a JDBC result set, or data objects, into a collection of POJOs (plain old Java objects) using some kind of data mapping tool or API.