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Upcoming Webinars

In this third and final installment of our Executive Webinar Series on Fast Data Strategy, Peter Vescuso, CMO, VoltDB will outline 5 strategies for evaluating alternative business and technology options. You’ll gain easy-to-use tools to help you map potential areas of investment in new applications and services that use fast data. We’ll demystify today’s key functional requirements and examine the range of available technology options, including ‘free’ software.

Past Webinars

Mike Stonebraker on Designing An Architecture For Real-time Event Processing

In this webinar, Mike Stonebraker explains the tradeoffs of performance, scale, and required programming “heroics” in capturing the value of fast data with different stream processing alternatives. Then hear from John Hugg, Founding Engineer of VoltDB, as he discusses the VoltDB approach to fast data. Learn what’s possible when systems integrate event processing with state management in a consistent, transactional way.

Stream and state: Robust and stable solutions for streaming transactions

In the race to join streaming systems with stateful systems, the winners will be stateful systems that process streams natively. These systems remove the burden on application developers to be distributed systems experts, and enable new applications to be both powerful and robust. The tools to build these kinds of operational systems are evolving, but immature. Systems that focus on just streaming neglect state and vice-versa. Cobbled-together hybrid systems offer flexibility, but are complex to develop and deploy, may mask bugs, and may display surprising behavior when components fail. In this webinar, John Hugg, Founding Engineer at VoltDB, explores what's possible when systems integrate event processing with state management in a consistent, transactional way.

How First to Value Beats First to Market: Case Studies of Fast Data Success

In this second installment of our Executive Webinar Series on Fast Data Strategy you will learn how innovative companies in Mobile/Telco, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, and Internet of Things (IoT) have successfully tapped into the fast data opportunity. You will learn key metrics and evaluation criteria for three case studies that delivered superior value, profitability and growth. Niall Norton, CEO of Openet will outline how leveraging a disruptive database technology dramatically improved competitive differentiation and business operations.

IoT Top Business Models and Use Cases for 2016

Download this webinar to hear from IoT experts from VoltDB and Teradata as they discuss top-of-mind topics to help you gain immediate traction in your IoT architectures. Cheryl Wiebe, Partner, Analytics of Things, Teradata and Dennis Duckworth, Dir. Product Marketing, VoltDB will discuss the most impactful IoT use cases and business models, and key technology considerations to ensure effective analytics against IoT data. Finally they will outline real world IoT customer case studies showcasing break-through value.

Lessons Learned: The Impact of Fast Data for Personalization

deltaDNA is leader in personalization, having honed their knowledge and skills in one of the most competitive and demanding markets: online gaming. Listen as Chris Wright, deltaDNA’s CTO, joins VoltDB CMO, Peter Vescuso to explain how capturing and understanding data “in the moment” has enabled Chris to reduce margins, increase monetization, and understand his customers as well as provide the ability to react to them in real time.

Stonebraker Says: OLTP RDBMSs are the Right Tool for Fast + Big Data

In the third and final “Stonebraker Says” session, Dr. Stonebraker explained why optimizing fast data is the modern OLTP problem – and how an OLTP solution can help you extract the most value out of that data with extensions to main memory, support for streaming, and larger-than-memory applications.

Stonebraker Says: Fix Legacy Database Design or Be Left Behind

The second in a series of informative, educational webcasts presented by Michael Stonebraker. In the second “Stonebraker Says” webcast, Dr. Stonebraker explained why you need to fix your database design – or risk being left behind in a world that’s smarter and faster than what your legacy system can handle.

Fast Data for Competitive Advantage: 4 Steps to Expand your Window of Opportunity

In this webinar, you’ll hear VoltDB CEO, Bruce Reading, outline 4 steps to expand your window of opportunity while avoiding risky options that can destroy your business. Technology innovator and CEO of Emagine International, David Peters, will also share key lessons learned from establishing his company’s ability to use fast data to crush competitors and execute on Emagine’s ability to open new markets.

Novatel Taking on Fast and Big Telecom Data with VoltDB

In this session, Ari Gorman, CTO of Novatel Networks, and Ryan Betts, CTO of VoltDB, discuss today’s data challenges and how Novatel uses VoltDB to offer its customers superior value and maximum efficiency through expedited VoIP call routing.

Stonebraker Says: Traditional RDBMS Wisdom is All Wrong

The first in a series of informative, educational webcasts presented by Michael Stonebraker. When Stonebraker speaks, listeners are guaranteed a frank, honest perspective on what works and what doesn’t — he doesn’t pull any punches. In this session, he takes a critical look at the conventional wisdom behind OLTP RDBMSs — why it’s outdated and renders most major commercial DBMS offerings obsolete — and then presents the case for modern in-memory architecture.